Performance Pulsation Control

Performance Pulsation Control™ specializes in the design and manufacture of maintenance free and gas charged pulsation control equipment. Our engineering team can provide field and acoustical analysis to guide you in achieving the highest performance from your reciprocating pumps. The PPC team consistently receives high marks from our customers. Our goal is to add value to our products and services by continuously providing timely responses and superior technical solutions. We are your solution, and we are committed to giving you Solutions with PERFORMANCE!

Performance Pulsation Control is a Texas-based corporation founded in August, 1996. From engineering, to design, to quality control, to manufacturing, we offer our clients over 125 combined years of expertise in the pulsation industry. Our years of experience allows us to provide a Family of Solutions with assurance of high quality products.

In August, 2007, Performance Pulsation Control became one of the few companies that manufactures both Gas Charged and Maintenance Free units by its acquisition of Status Flow, Inc. Today Status Flow operates out of Odessa, TX, as a division of Performance Pulsation Control and ensures that any application or project requirement can be met by our range of products.

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