LappinTech provides, premium stuffing box packing

Working as a pumper in Wyoming Scott Lappin couldn’t keep his depleted oil wells from burning out their tubing head packing. After trying several products on the market with no success and several oil spills later he knew he had a problem to solve.

Realizing that when the wells pumped off-dry rubber against metal created a great amount of friction and heat. This loss of lubrication resulted in burning out the packing. The answer had to be reducing the rubber to metal contact. A unique Teflon impregnated rope packing was the solution. It had self-lubricating ability, heat resistance, and very tough nylon fiber. Placing rope packing at the point of contact was critical.

Merging uniquely designed rubber cones & rings with Teflon impregnated rope packing seemed like a logical answer.

After numerous attempts to marry the two products, a unique system was achieved resulting in high-quality consistency and performance. LappinTech Premium Stuffing Box Packing solves the problem, and our company was developed to distribute this amazing product to all the pumpers and operators across the country.

LappinTech provides premium stuffing box packing that is Teflon lined for maximum wear and contains patented technology.

Premium Stuffing Box Rubbers With Teflon Rope Packing

Premium Cone With Teflon Rope Packing Cone Packing includes Std, Std +, High Temp, Comp C, and DuraTuff all with Teflon Rope Packing. Fits all stuffing boxes that need cone style packing – Sizes 1 1/8 – 1 3/4

Premium Crown Rings With Teflon Rope Packing Crown Ring Packing includes Std and High Temp all with Teflon rope packing. Fits all stuffing boxes that need crown rings – Sizes 1 1/8 – 1 3/4

Premium Type B & X With Teflon Rope Packing Type B & X With Teflon rope packing. Fits all stuffing boxes that need Type B & X – Sizes 5/8 – 1 1/2