Houston Oilfield Equipment

Houston Oilfield Equipment is a manufacturer of quality oilfield products.

HOE, INC. is recognized throughout the world as a manufacturer of quality oilfield products. HOE, INC. is licensed through the American Petroleum Institute to manufacture chokes and other related oilfield equipment under license # 6A-0487. Our chokes are fully interchangeable with those manufacturers of the same product styles. These designs are time-proven and have been employed in many types of service. In addition to complete choke assemblies, parts for the HOE, INC. line of chokes, and various other types of chokes are also available.

All chokes may be ordered in both positive and adjustable models. Each model utilizes a hammer lug type connection which facilitates the quick changing of flow beans and trims. In addition, each choke is easily converted from positive to adjustable or vice versa while the choke body remains installed in the line. This means more time working and less time waiting as replacement parts are readily available from your local supply store.

Your selection of materials for choke bodies includes alloy steel and stainless steel. Standard choke bodies are available with either a 1″ max or 2″ max orifice. HOE, INC. chokes are suited for a broad range of applications. These include wellheads, production manifolds, well testing, steam injection, choke and kill manifolds, indirect fired heaters, and well-clean operations.

HOE, INC. markets its products through a network of distributors and sales representatives, both foreign and domestic. The team at HOE, INC. takes great pride in being able to respond to customers in minimal time, whether the task is providing a quote, shipping a product, or assisting a customer. We have maintained excellent customer relationships by providing unsurpassed service. This everyday challenge is the basis for which our company is operated.

We would enjoy the opportunity to address all of your choke needs. As our reputation has shown for the past eighteen years, we will make every effort to provide timely and professional service to your organization. Providing a quality product with outstanding service has and will continue to be our benchmark in the oil and gas industry.

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