Guiberson down-hole accessories, unions and swabbing equipment

For 90 plus years Guiberson has continued to be a leader in the well-servicing industry, with a familiar line of workover rig accessory equipment, down-hole accessories, Seal-o-Matic unions, and the most complete line of swabbing equipment and accessories.

The Guiberson name is well known throughout the industry and has a customer base that is worldwide. Our customer base includes Key Energy Services, Basic Energy Services, and Nabors Industries Ltd to name a few. With our superior products and years of experience, Guiberson has been and will continue to be, a hallmark in the industry.

Guiberson Products

Precision International Guiberson products

Guiberson product offering includes:

Workover rig accessory equipment:

Tubing spiders
Tubing strippers
Pipe Wipers
Blow out preventers

The most complete line of swabbing products including both swabbing equipment and accessories:

  • Tubing swab mandrels
  • Tubing swab cups
  • Casing swab cups
  • Casing swab mandrels
  • Rope sockets
  • Sinker bars
  • Tubular jars
  • Safety tools include releasing attachments and relief valves
  • Hydraulic wireline oil saver
  • Down-Hole Accessories:
  • GW Packer/cups
  • Unions
  • Seal-o-Matic union.

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