Weir Oil & Gas

Weir provides a comprehensive range of products and services which support drilling, well completion, production, and downstream operations around the world.


Get more than equipment

Whether engaging in drilling, production, or frac operations, count on Seaboard to deliver the products and services you need for low-stress, high-performance results. And all with the kind of support only Seaboard can deliver.

For both onshore and offshore applications, Seaboard has a long-standing reputation for providing customers with the level of performance, safety, and reliability they need to keep wells up and running.

From the Q92/QDF Wellhead System to our new Underwater Recovery Wellhead, Seaboard’s innovative specialty products underscore the company’s commitment to understanding customer issues and objectives—and then providing innovative and economical ways to address them.

Seaboard’s products include:

  • Frac and Flow Back Rental Systems
  • Independent Wellhead Products
  • API Flange Wellhead Products
  • Specialty Wellhead Products
  • Valves

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