Itron fuel gas regulators

Itron/Actaris – the world leader in fuel gas regulators.

Commercial & Industrial Regulators

Itron has developed a complete range of regulators with an integrated safety valve. These provide a compact and safe solution for residential, industrial & commercial customers using modern gas distribution gas networks at a few bars of pressure.

The safety valve offers protection if there is an abnormal increase in downstream pressure. It immediately interrupts the gas flow, protecting the downstream installation from any leakage defect in the regulator, and can only be reset manually by a qualified operator.

Itron safety valves are designed to shut themselves off under specific conditions such as signal loss in the detection system, excess pressure (OPSO), or (optional) if there is a fall in downstream pressure (UPSO), due to downstream pipe rupture, for example. This increases the safety of the installation. The safety valve is completely independent of the regulator but both are integrated into the same body, making a self-contained, autonomous & extremely compact unit.

Small Regulators compliant to VP 200

This range of regulators, for residential to light commercial applications, meets the most stringent requirements of the German codes of practices. All are approved by DIN-DVGW and meet DIN 33882/VP200 (PN 1 and PN 4 regulators) or the earlier DIN 3380 or 3381. Increased safety features include gas loss protection, high flow cut-off and fire resistance.

High Pressure & Field Service Regulators

Itron high pressure regulators are equipped with a separate control and amplification system – or pilot, a versatile and autonomous system that provides the necessary energy for large size regulators, or for those working in high pressure, to function. These pilot-operated regulators are commonly used in all types of network stations, from city gate stations to district stations providing the networks with very low pressure. They are also used in large metering stations which supply large industrial customers.

With either integrated or separate safety valves, they allow for different arrangements of control and safety devices, such as monitor and active regulators or active regulator with upstream shutoff, and multiple combinations of safety devices.

Field Service Regulators

These regulators are designed to provide dependable first and second stage regulation for intermediate and high pressure applications. Typical applications include first stage regulation, farm & suburban taps, compressed air systems and medium to high pressure industrial applications.

Safety Devices

Itron safety shutoff valves (SSV) for applications where redundant safety systems are required, are distinct from the Itron range of regulators. The security valve offers a positive security in the case of abnormal increase in downstream pressure, when it immediately interrupts the gas flow, and can only be reset manually by a qualified operator. It thus protects the downstream installation from any leakage defect in the regulator. Our safety valves are designed to shut off if there is excess pressure (OPSO) and also, upon request, if there is a lack of downstream pressure (UPSO). Further, it increases the safety of the installation by shutting itself off in case of downstream pipe rupture or signal loss in the detection system.

Itron creep relief valves (SRV) maintain downstream pressure under set value by venting excess gas into the atmosphere, to avoid triggering safety devices by thermal expansion or during transient regimes of regulators.

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